Standard Operating Checklist (SOC) For Slip Safe Tile Treatment

Standard Operating Checklist (SOC) For Slip Safe Tile Treatment for the First Year Treatment and Spot Treatment

The First Year Treatment Steps 

Watch Application Video prior to application

Tools Required

  • Enough Slip Safe Tile Treatment for targeted areas, 1 Gallon covers 300 square feet
  • Two mop buckets
  • Two mops
  • Deck Brush
  • Clean water for floor rinse
  • Change as often as needed

It will take two people about one hour to treat an average size restaurant.


  1. Clean floor as usual after lobby close and allow floor to dry.
  2. Have an empty mop bucket for Slip Safe available, and a mop bucket full of clean water.
  3. Fill empty mop bucket with ROOM TEMPERATURE Slip Safe, DO NOT DILUTE!
  4. Mop on a thick layer so it stands and pools, 1 gallon covers 300 square feet (10 feet X 30 feet area).
  5. Using a Deck Brush, move treatment over tile and into grout lines.
  6. Allow treatment to stand on floor for 5 to10 minutes, DO NOT ALLOW TO DRY.
  7. Using the clean-water mop bucket, mop off the Slip Safe Tile Treatment Thoroughly, CHANGE THE WATER OFTEN, IF IT GETS DIRTY, CHANGE THE WATER!
  8. You are done; it will work immediately even if it is still wet. Try the foot Test, wet the tile and feel the increased slip resistance. 

Target areas for application

  • Entrances To Restaurant and customer areas
  • Front Counter area: including drive-thru area and travel paths around front counter
  • Drink Station area
  • Entrance to PlayPlace and anywhere children run on tile
  • Bathrooms and entrances to bathroom
  • Stockroom entrances and concrete skirt

Anywhere you suspect one could slip when there is water present 

Spot Treatment Beginning Year 2

Tools Needed

  • Enough Slip Safe Tile Treatment for targeted areas,
  • 1 Quart covers 50 square feet,  like in front of the front door area
  • 1mop bucket
  • One mop
  • Deck Brush
  • Clean water for floor rinse, change as often as needed


  1. Make sure floor is dry
  2. Pour a quart of product onto the targeted spot
  3. Use the Deck Brush to agitate Slip Safe on the tile surface and into the Grout
  4. Wait 5 minutes and mop off the Slip Safe with clean water, change the water if it gets dirty
  5. Done!

Do this quarterly on your hot spots:

  • Front and side entrances
  • Front counter
  • Bathrooms
  • Drink Stations
  • Entrance to Play-Places
  • Behind Front Counter
  • Fry Stations
  • Drive Thru
  • End of Equipment line-up
  • Ice Machine
  • Sink area
  • Walk-in Entrance Inside and Outside