Villella Client Special

As yet another benefit of being a Villella Insurance client, you are now eligible to receive a $41 per kit rebate.

In order to support operators in managing long-term insurance premiums, we have teamed up with SlipSafe. Slip Safe is offering Villella special pricing through a rebate program. The price per kit after rebate is $299. A typical restaurant requires six gallons, so that’s only $299 per restaurant. This is easy to apply yourself with your current mops, buckets, etc. so reducing slip and falls has never been more cost effective and easy.

To receive the rebate:
1. Fill out the rebate form below
2. Click “Submit Rebate Form” to send us your information.
2. Click the “Buy Now” button and order.

Please fill out the rebate form below to receive your $41 per kit rebate, typical restaurant uses 6 gallons.  We will cross reference with your PayPal or credit card order and keep track for you.

Rebate Form

For Details about great savings and safer floors contact Art Herrera.
[email protected]
(661) 857-0725

*Dean Villella is the owner of Dean Villella Agency, Inc., an agency of American Family Insurance specializing in sales and dream protection. He is also an investor in an unrelated company, SlipSafeTile Products, LLC, whose products are designed to help mitigate the risk of slip and fall accidents and resulting liability. Mr. Villella often recommends slip and fall risk mitigation products to his insurance customers, including proudly recommending SlipSafeTile products. By acknowledging this disclosure, the customer hereby agrees that SlipSafeTile products are not endorsed or recommended by American Family Insurance, and the customer has performed independent due diligence regarding the suitability of the SlipSafeTile products for the customer’s business.