How Slip Safe Tile Treatment Works

Easy to Apply

Slip Safe is a spray or mop on chemical treatment.  You should wear gloves and eye covering when applying and handling Slip Safe.

  • Spray on is the most efficient way to apply Slip Sfe, you can treat an average McDonald’s with approximately 1600 square feet in 1 hour..
  • The chemical mixture was developed for McDonald’s by a Boeing flooring engineer and the University of Washington maintenance department.
  • The specific acids used to acidify the cleaner/degreaser are  especially effective at reacting with the tile surface in a way that is not visible to the naked eye..
  • By spraying the tile thoroughly,  then deck brushing, then waiting 5-7 minutes, then finally, to mop off with clean water, you can effectively improve the surface traction by over 25%.  Enough to reduce serious slip and falls.