Preferred Operator Group

Slip Safe Tile Treatment Tested and Endorsed by the POG Risk Management Committee and Alliant We have teamed up to provide special pricing for POG Members

  • Slip Safe Tile Treatment reduces the frequency and cost of slips and falls and the product is easy to apply.
  • The average cost of slip and fall in the POG is $37,000.
  • The cost of the Slip Safe Tile Treatment will pay for itself and keep your employees and customers safe.

Exclusive Price for POG Members
• $270 for a “Six Pack” Six gallons for first year’s treatment, $70 discount
• $180 for four gallons to Spot Treat as you see fit every six months or once per year, $40 discount

1 Quart covers 50 sqft
Takes one person 4 hours to do 625 sqft
Easy to Apply

Tools are in the Restaurant

  1. Do not pre-clean the floor.
  2. Spray on with garden sprayer or use a mop, treat 400 square feet with sprayer or 300 square feet with the mop on technique.
  3. Use a deck brush to hit the grout and spread Slip Safe evenly.
  4. Wait 5-7minutes, don’t let it dry.
  5. Mop it off and feel the difference immediately!

For details about great savings and safer floors contact Art Herrera. [email protected] (661) 857-0725