Standard Operating Checklist (SOC) For Slip Safe Tile Treatment

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The First Year Treatment Steps 

Watch Application Video prior to application

Tools Required

  • Enough Slip Safe Tile Treatment for targeted areas, Average restaurant uses 6 gallons for the lobby
  • Two mop buckets
  • Two mops or one mop and a 2 gallon sprayer
  • Clean water for floor rinse
  • Change as often as needed

It will take two people about one hour to treat an average size restaurant.


  1. Start with Dry Floor, no need to Pre-Clean.
  2. Have an empty mop bucket for Slip Safe available, and a mop bucket full of clean water.
  3. Fill empty mop bucket with ROOM TEMPERATURE Slip Safe, DO NOT DILUTE! Shake bottle!
  4. Mop on a thick and uniform layer, 1 gallon covers 300 square feet (10 feet X 30 feet area).
    Alternative Application, Use a 2 gallon sprayer to apply a uniform layer, one gallon covers 400 square feet (10 X 40 Feet Area) using the sprayer method.
  5. Allow treatment to stand on floor for 5 to10 minutes, DO NOT ALLOW TO DRY.
  6. Using the clean-water mop bucket, mop off the Slip Safe Tile Treatment Thoroughly, CHANGE THE WATER OFTEN, IF IT GETS DIRTY, CHANGE THE WATER! Especially by front entrance.
  7. You are done; it will work immediately even if it is still wet.

Try the foot Test, wet the tile and feel the increased slip resistance. 

Target areas for application

  • Entrances to Restaurant and customer areas
  • Front Counter area: including drive-thru area and travel paths around front counter
  • Lobby Drink Station area
  • Entrance to Play Place and anywhere children run on tile
  • Bathrooms and entrances to bathroom
  • Lobby Stockroom entrances and concrete skirt

Look for wet spots, between front counter and lobby drink station, transition zones from concrete to tile walkways 

Spot Treatment Beginning Year 2

Tools Needed

  • Enough Slip Safe Tile Treatment for targeted areas, One or two gallons for standard restaurant per year
  • 1 Quart covers 50 square feet, like in front of the front door area
  • Mop or spray on
  • 1 mop bucket
  • One mop
  • Clean water for floor rinse, change as often as needed


  1. Make sure floor is dry no pre-cleaning needed, first thing in the morning is best time to treat
  2. Pour a quart of product onto the targeted spot
  3. Use the Deck Brush or mop to agitate Slip Safe on the tile surface and into the Grout
  4. Wait 5 minutes and mop off the Slip Safe with clean water, change the water if it gets dirty
  5. You are Done!

Do this quarterly on your hot spots to help prevent slip and falls

  • Area Between Front Counter and Lobby Drink Station
  • Front entrance and any side exits
  • Bathrooms
  • Entrance to Play-Places
  • Behind Front Counter
  • Fry Stations
  • Drive Thru
  • End of Equipment line-up
  • Ice Machine
  • Sink area
  • Walk-in Entrance Inside and Outside

Standard Operating Checklist for Warehouse Applications

Tools needed

  • Standard mop and bucket filled with clean water
  • 2-gallon plastic sprayer (Garden type from Lowes or Home Depot)
  • Scrubber machine filled with water.

Enough Slip Safe Tile Treatment to treat Target Areas

It will take 1 person approximately 4 Hours to do a 625k sqft. warehouse.

Target Areas

  • Designated Pedestrian walkways
  • In and around Bull Pens
  • Transition areas, e.g.  Entrance from outside and when moving from tile to concrete
  • Loading Dock
  • High Humidity and Condensation Areas
  • Any corners where braking and handling are especially necessary


  1. Start with a dry floor, no need to pre-Clean
  2. Have a mop bucket with clean water available
  3. Fill the 2-gallon sprayer with Slip Safe
  4. Mark an area to treat that is 4 feet by 200 feet, our goal is to spray one gallon per 400 square feet
  5. Spray Slip Safe on that targeted surface using a fan spray
  6. Cover as uniformly as possible, it will spread out when sprayed, so use up the 2 gallons on the target area, may have to go back and forth a few times
  7. Using the scrubber machine, spray water, brush and vacuum up the treatment, water neutralizes the treatment and the surface is much more slip resistant immediately, one pass will do it
  8. Empty scrubber machine and run water through system when done

Bull Pen Area Bathrooms and all Pedestrian entrances

  1. Start with a Dry floor no need to pre-clean, Slip Safe will clean the floor too
  2. Use ½ gallon of Slip Safe per bull pen area, put in 1 gallon if you have two bull pen areas
  3. Cover the surface uniformly using the garden sprayer,
  4. Wait 5 minutes, then
  5. Using the mop and bucket with clean water, mop up the Slip Safe, if the water gets dirty, change the water

Re-apply as a spot treat when you notice loss of traction, should last several months easily.

Back Of The House/ Grill Area

The goal for the back of the house is to remove oil from the floor as often as possible so the oil is not tracked into the lobby

Four Step Cleaning Process that includes nightly flush and periodic treatments


Slip Safe Tile Treatment is Recommended 2 Times Per Year

Tools Required

  • 2 gallons Slip Safe Tile Treatment, Treat Target Areas
  • Two Mop Buckets
  • Mop, deck brush or 2 gallon Sprayer
  • Clean Water for Rinse
  • Change water when it gets dirty

It will take one person 45 minutes to do the Target Areas

  1. Start with a DRY floor, no need to pre-clean
  2. Pour about a quart of Slip Safe on the Target Area, do more as you see fit
    Alternative Method Use a 2 gallon sprayer to apply Slip Safe on Target areas
  3. Using a deck brush or mop, Push Slip Safe into grout and spread the Slip Safe out evenly
  4. Wait 5 to 7 minutes
  5. Mop up Slip Safe With clean hot water

Target Areas

  • Behind Front Counter
  • Front of Fry Station
  • End of Equipment Line up and Bun Racks
  • Entrance to Manager’s Office
  • Sink Area
  • Entrance to Crew Room
  • Entrance to Freezer
  • Front of Ice machine

Use approximately 1 quart per target area with a mop or to good coverage with a Sprayer


Hot Water Nightly Floor Flush

Tools required

  • Squeegee or Deck Brush
  • Mop bucket Full of Hot Water, refill when dirty

It will take one person 30 minutes to remove excess oil nightly

  1. Use the hottest water available and fill one or two mop buckets
  2. Pour the hot water over the grill tile like a flood action
  3. Starting up front, squeegee or mop the water and oil off to a floor drain at the rear

Step Three

Heavy Duty Degreaser Every Three Months

Tools Required

  • Quart bottle Sprayer
  • ½ Gallon of Heavy-Duty Degreaser
  • Mop, Bucket and hot water

It will take one person 1.5 hours to Degrease the Grill floor

  1. Start with a dry floor
  2. Fill the quart sprayer with Heavy Duty Degreaser
  3. Spray enough to coat the Target area
  4. Wait Ten minutes, and mop off with Clean Hot Water

Step Four 

Tools Needed

  • Steam Machine

Steam Cleaning on a monthly basis has shown outstanding results with back of house floors.  It is a 1-hour job plus cost of steam machine.  We recommend water as one of the best ways to remove oil from the back of the house, especially if heated or used as steam.