About Slip Safe Treatment

Slip Safe Tile Treatment improves traction on wet or mopped floors on tile In McDonald’s and Darden restaurants.  We work almost exclusively with two companies, McDonald’s and Darden/Olive Garden across the USA to attain a competitive advantage in the following ways:

  • By lowering the cost of workers comp and general liability insurance, we will enhance the bottom line for these restaurants 
  • We will positively impact the lives of many people that won’t be hurt and incapacitated due to unnecessary injuries. 

Our insurance company partners recognize the benefits and wholeheartedly endorse the use of Slip Safe for the sake of Safety:

  • A 50% reduction in number of claims, the  past 5 years on 160 MCD Oklahoma restaurants
  • Millions of dollars saved for the O/O self insured fund in a real world usage

If other tile-using entities see McDonald’s and Olive Garden regularly using Slip Safe, they will have to figure they know what they are doing, right?  

Tile-Using Entities

All major restaurants, from 5 units to 1000 have tile, hotel lobbies, senior living facilities, office buildings,  and the list goes on.

We estimate work comp savings of between $1250 and $28,750 per restaurant.  This is based on insurance carrier data for 7 years and 10 years in Oklahoma and California.

Benefits of Using SlipSafe Tile Treatment

The treatment solution has no harmful effects on tile or grout and provides excellent slip resistant safe footing on wet floor surfaces that far exceed floor safety standards mandated by OSHA and The American Disability Act.

  • Easy to Apply
  • Mop On, Rinse Off
  • Not a Coating So Nothing to Wear Off
  • Creates Tread-Like Sure Footing
  • Environmentally Safe, Non-Toxic and Odorless
  • Will Not Alter Appearance of Tile or Grout

 Annual application cuts slip and falls immediately.

Easy to Apply

Slip Safe is a spray or mop on chemical treatment.  You should wear gloves and eye covering when applying and handling Slip Safe.

  • Spray on is the most efficient way to apply Slip Sfe, you can treat an average McDonald’s with approximately 1600 square feet in 1 hour..
  • The chemical mixture was developed for McDonald’s by a Boeing flooring engineer and the University of Washington maintenance department.
  • The specific acids used to acidify the cleaner/degreaser are  especially effective at reacting with the tile surface in a way that is not visible to the naked eye..
  • By spraying the tile thoroughly,  then deck brushing, then waiting 5-7 minutes, then finally, to mop off with clean water, you can effectively improve the surface traction by over 25%.  Enough to reduce serious slip and falls.