Gallagher Client Special

As yet another benefit of being a Gallagher Insurance client, you are now eligible to receive a $40 per case or $70 per Six Pack rebate.

In order to support operators in managing long-term insurance premiums, we have teamed up with SlipSafe.

SlipSafe is offering Gallagher clients special pricing through a rebate program.

Average sized restaurants require 1 case, and restaurants with large lobbies and PlayPlaces require 1½ cases (Six Pack)

  1. The price per case is $180 after automatic rebate ($40/ case savings).
  2. The price per Six Pack is $270 after automatic rebate ($70 savings)
  3. If you are reapplying, you should use 2-3 gallons to retreat with a sprayer, special pricing of $90 per two pack with automatic rebate.

This is easy to apply yourself with a 2-gallon garden sprayer or your current mops, buckets, etc. so reducing slip and falls has never been more cost effective and easy. Takes an hour to do an average size store.

To receive the rebate:

  1. Fill out the rebate form below
  2. Click “Submit Rebate Form” to send us your information.
  3. Click the “Buy Now” button and order.

Please fill out the rebate form below to receive your $40 per case rebate, typical restaurant uses four gallons.  We will cross reference with your PayPal or credit card order and keep track for you.

Rebate Form

    For Details about great savings and safer floors contact Art Herrera.
    [email protected]
    (661) 857-0725