About Us


SlipSafe Tile slip resistant tile and tub treatment formulation was conceived and developed by company founder Ron Leonard in 1996 to address the critical need for slip and fall accident mitigation due to floor surfaces that become slippery when wet.  The treatment was developed in Seattle, Washington with product testing at the University of Washington.  Early adoption of the SlipSafe Tile solution occurred in 1997 with the owner of one of the largest McDonald’s franchises west of the Mississippi mandating that their 27 restaurants utilize SlipSafe Tile to mitigate slip and fall accidents.  This company’s insurance carrier stated that they “can not afford NOT to use the treatment.”  Company growth, with a national distribution network, has been steady since with multiple industries utilizing SlipSafe Tile as a mitigating solution to their slip and fall accident liability challenges.


Make floors more safe while mitigating liability and reducing the cost to insure.


To become the leader in floor safety, for commercial and residential uses.