Testimonials for Slip Safe Tile Treatment

McDonald’s Owner/Operators:

We should all be using Slip Safe, it works and I used it to protect my employees as well as my customers.  If we don’t do everything to prevent slip and falls, we’re going to be held liable.  Besides, this is cheap insurance!

Owner E, Pacific Northwest, Washington 

I bought 3 stores from McCopco and immediately had 6 six slip and falls in the three stores.  My Mod went up 66% and I had people out of work and couldn’t cover shifts with the people I had.  We treated our floors and revisited our floor care practices.  Oh, and I found out one of the managers I inherited was cutting the Floor Care with water to save on ops supplies!

Owner/Operator A, Southern California 

You know I haven’t thought about it but I used it 7 years ago and I haven’t had a slip and fall since.  Lucky, and I used the Slip Safe, how else can you explain it?

Owner/Operator H, Southern California 

I like the idea that I can have my maintenance man apply the product after close and it is done, no contracts or outside vendors.  I treat the floors every 2 years and pay attention to how well we are cleaning our floors.

Owner/Operator B, Southwest, Texas 

We used Slip Safe in 12 stores and think it is a no-brainer.  It rains here, sure, but we clean our floors constantly so the possibility for a slip is here everyday unless your floors are treated with Slip Safe.

Owner/Operator S, Northwest, Washington